How Does RunReveal Work?

RunReveal is a security data platform designed to collect raw logs from SaaS and Cloud Services, and automatically detect anomalies and compromises in your environment.

We make collection, detection, enrichment, and search easier than any traditional SIEM.

  • Mission Critical Threat Detections Out of the box we have specialized detections for the scenarios that matter most. Precision of alerts over volume.
  • Developer Focus Built by developers for developers. CLI, Grafana, Jupyter, and an Open API. Blazing fast search built on top of clickhouse
  • Rapid Deployment Be completely set up and detecting in under 5 minutes. Self-service offering and Free tier allows you to get started fast.

Great developer experience

It's your data you should be able to use it the way you want to. Our API makes your data available to you however you need it.

Our python package makes integration with jupyter notebooks a breeze.

Cloud Native Data Ingest

No need to run forwarders, agents, or other software. We integrate directly with your cloud and SaaS providers to make data ingestion simple.

Health Checks

Find out before it's too late

We all hate surprises. We'll let you know if something is wrong with your data before you're dealing with a crisis and missing months of necessary data.

Backfill Existing Data

Do you have data already? No problem...

Whether it's a SaaS tool's audit logs or data you've been collecting for years, we can backfill your data so you can get started right away.

Enrichments at Scale

Automatically enrich every log.

We add useful enrichments to all logs, and make the latest data from threat feeds available to your detections in real time.