SIEM doesn't have to suck.

We questioned every assumption about SIEM and rebuilt it from the ground up. The result is a faster, cheaper, and higher fidelity security data platform designed to detect threats like never before possible.

Easy Integrations

The simple security data platform

Attackers are not using sophisticated techniques to compromise your systems. They are logging into legitimate accounts and using them to move laterally.

Detecting these compromises is hard for even the most sophisticated teams

Security experts trust

RunReveal enabled Temporal to get up and running quickly with a solution that easily scales with our data size, and aligns with similar tooling used elsewhere in our observability stack. This allows us to focus on writing detections and automating our responses.

Dave Green
Security Engineer @ Temporal

RunReveal has been instrumental in allowing our small security team to easily create actionable detections across our entire infrastructure and SaaS stack.

Ethan Houston
Senior Security Engineer @ Lumos

RunReveal helped Flippa activate around-the-clock security monitoring in minutes. It’s like having a dedicated security team scanning millions of records daily and sending alerts via Slack. Plus, we can query months of data in milliseconds, using SQL or natural language!

Ryan Djurovich
CTO of

RunReveal has made the process of adding a proper SIEM platform to our security stack incredibly easy and cost effective. Configuring integrations with our existing security and logging tools took minutes not days. Bringing reporting into a single platform allows us to correlate activity from disparate systems to make alerts and rules even more accurate and relevant while reducing false-positives.

Sean Donoahue
IT Manager @ Electronic Products Recycling Association
How it works

RunReveal collects all of your logs, filters out the noise, and tell you about the things that are happening in your systems that really matters.

Stop paying the SIEM tax

Whether you have petabytes or gigabytes, RunReveal can correlate threats across all of your log sources and deliver high quality alerts out of the box.