SIEM doesn't have to suck.

We questioned every assumption about SIEM and rebuilt it from the ground up. We're built on open-source technology to give our customers the scale, speed, and control they need to stop paying the SIEM tax

One-click Integrations
The simple security data platform
We make it easy to connect log sources to RunReveal. We'll alert you when there are data-health issues, and count every byte so you know exactly how much you're collecting.
Show me the threats
Attackers are not using sophisticated techniques to compromise your systems. They are logging into legitimate accounts and using them to move laterally. RunReveal is designed to detect these threats by correlating actor actions across applications.

Security experts trust

RunReveal has given us the ability to have complete insight into our environment in a very easy-to-use package. It's one of the few vendors we recommend to our clients.

Mike McCabe
Founder of Cloud Security Partners

RunReveal helped Flippa activate around-the-clock security monitoring in minutes. It’s like having a dedicated security team scanning millions of records daily and sending alerts via Slack. Plus, we can query months of data in milliseconds, using SQL or natural language!

Ryan Djurovich
CTO of
How it works
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RunReveal integrates directly with your SaaS and Cloud Providers. We provide the developer integrations, detections, and tools you need to have a world class detection and response program in minutes.

  1. Connect your data sources

    We integrate with your SaaS providers, cloud providers, and on-premises infrastructure to collect your logs.

  2. Gain Visibility

    Search, visualize, and threat hunt in your logs. Use our powerful natural language and SQL search interfaces. Make playbooks in jupyter.

  3. Precision detections

    No configuration necessary. We detect the threats that matter most out of the box. Create new detections that are specific to your environment in minutes

  4. Automate investigation and response

    We alert you when we detect an anomaly and investigate the context around the threat so you can respond quickly.

Stop paying the SIEM tax

Whether you have petabytes or gigabytes, RunReveal can correlate threats across all of your log sources and deliver high quality alerts out of the box.