The simple security data platform

Security in real time

Security teams need to understand their environment, act on changes, and investigate problems when they arise. We want to enable every company to be able to do that.

The past few years have shown that even the most prepared companies struggle to detect even the most prevalent compromises. This is because the tools available aren't built to show practitioners what matters.

We're working to remove the burden of building real-time knowledge so security teams can react before an incident becomes a breach.

Price transparency

We won't surprise you with a massive bill. Our architecture allows us to support datasets of any size and not need to gouge our customers.

Full control over your data

You can query your data, whenever you want, as much as you want. Unlike with a "security-lake" you don't pay per query

Ingest any type of security data

RunReveal supports ingesting any type of security logs, even custom formats. With RunReveal transforms, you aren't blocked on us.

Our team

We're working to help make security simple. The RunReveal team works remotely from all over the United States. We're a small team of security engineers and developers who are passionate about building tools that make security a little easier.